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My name is Sarah and I am a fully qualified Psychotherapist, with a 1st class honours degree based in the City Centre of Manchester. Although I predominately trained from a person-centred perspective, I also like to take an integrative/varied approach to therapy encompassing modalities such as; Compassion Focused therapy, Cognitive therapies & Mindfulness based approaches.   .
I like to see clients for people and not for an array of problems or issues that they are facing, I allow for a tailor-made approach to each client that comes to The Mind Sanctuary with their variant and individualistic needs and expectations of therapy.

I Believe that the best therapeutic relationships are viewed as a collaborative process, working together to identify how to overcome personal challenges and gain a sense of self development.

I actively respect the bravery that each client takes embarking upon psychotherapy, as I can empathise that it may seem daunting and scary to take the first step.

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